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Supporting men and women from anger & anxiety to strength and success.

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 Depression? – Anxiety? – Stress? – Anger?- ADHD? – Grief? – Hoarding? – Relationship problems? Richard can help.

-self-esteem – relationships – energy – focus – organisation – acceptance – hope – contribution – connection – understanding

MEDICARE – DVA – WORKCOVER – PRIVATE  referrals accepted.

Welcome to PSYCoaching by Richard Moore – your Gold Coast psychologist and coach: now also available online. Congratulations on taking the first step to overcoming your barriers and being who you want to be. PSYCoaching focuses not just on mental illness, but the exciting new body of research on mental wellness. PSYCoaching is open to people willing to overcome their problems and find fulfilment in their lives.


Richard has years of experience in providing counselling to people from all of walks of life.  He has experience with adolescents and adults. Richard works with both men and women’s issues and understands the different challenges that men and women face in coming to seek help.  Richard has years of ongoing training in various kinds of treatments.


Your Gold Coast Psychologist should not only be about moving away from what makes us miserable – but moving towards what makes us happy, resilient engaged and fulfilled.  PSYCoaching is an attempt to combine studies on mental illness and mental welness fields to take you from depression and anxiety all the way to strength and success.

PSYCoaching has 3 objectives:

  • 1 Alleviate distress.
  • 2 Take the next step in helping you create a fulfilling, meaningful and enjoyable life through coaching and positive psychology.
  • 3 Learn, implement and habitualise advanced performance strategies for lasting change.

Your Gold Coast Therapist

We all go through periods of crisis in our lives. Sometimes we can use bit of help to work through barriers that stand in our way. Where we find ourselves struggling for an extended period, counselling can help. Contact Richard, Your Gold Coast psychologist.

Your Gold Coast Positive Psychology Coach

Sometimes we reach a fork in the road and have trouble deciding which way to go.   At these times it can be helpful to have some assistance to identify the talents and resources that lie within us, which are all-to-often obscured by the routine of our day-to-day lives. When we get back to knowing ourselves better, we are better equipped to weigh up the pros and cons of different options. This is where a positive psychology approach can become helpful.

Make contact now with Richard – your Gold Coast Psychologist – to get your life back on track.


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