Affordable Session Fees

PSYCoaching believes that fees should not be a barrier to getting help.  PSYCoaching provides services well below the Australian Psychological Society recommended rates.  Reduced fees may be negotiated for those in financial difficulty.  Furthermore, an immediate Medicare rebate of $84.80 rebate per session (up to 10 sessions per calendar year) is applicable to the rates below for clients with a GP  referral.

Standard 50 minute session rate: Surfers Paradise- $129 ($45 after rebate)* 

Relationship Counselling = $150

Online / Skype Counselling = $85 (Medicare rebate not applicable)

Life Coaching for advanced goal setting and performance management = $85 (Medicare rebate not applicable)

-After Hours Surcharge (for appointments finishing after 5:30pm) $20
-Initial Session Surcharge (excluding bulk-bill clients)  $20

Bulk Billing eligible: FREE

Bulk-billing sessions are available on request for clients who meet ALL of the following criteria:
  1. Are in severe financial difficulty and are receiving NO income except for a Centrelink Benefit
  2. Have no immediate family member in the household currently employed full-time
  3. Have not exceeded 10 Medicare rebates for psychological services in the calendar year
  4. Bring a Current Centrelink / Healthcare Card, a GP referral AND a Medicare Card to the first appointment
  5. Are not facing criminal charges or attending for the purposes of a court report (these can clients can be accommodated for the full fee)
  6. Pay a refundable $50 no show / late cancellation fee (that is held for the duration of treatment) – (this can be paid at commencement of the second session if needs be)
  7. Agree to provide at least 48 hours notice for late cancellation (or have their $50 deposit forfeited, in which case another $50 will be required prior to booking the next appointment).
For clients who meet all the criteria above except for number 4 (don’t have a Centrelink / Healthcare card) a reduced rate may be negotiated in the first session, for payment in the second session.
 Note that the above  fees DO NOT apply to EAP, DVA, Life Supports or” de-cluttering” referrals

*Clients referred by their GP  receive Medicare rebates of $84.80 for individual sessions and around $21 for group sessions.  A GP referral for a mental health condition entitles clients to 6-10 Individual counselling sessions per calendar year, and up to 10 group sessions per calendar year.  Discuss with Richard during your first session, or discuss with your GP prior. You must bring your medicare card and a GP referral to your first session to obtain your rebate.

Service Overview: Psychological Counselling and Therapy

PSYCoaching can provide assistance in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of psychological and mental health problems including:

Anxiety – Depression – Stress – Obesity – Dating and Relationships– Self Esteem – Bereavement – Anger – Substance Abuse – ADD – Work related Stress – School avoidance – Social difficulties.

Richard also offers group programs

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Life Coaching

Richard’s Life Coaching program provides the knowledge, skills and guidance to help you find purpose and direction:

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Organisational Counselling

Richard has extensive experience in senior and managing occupational rehabilitation roles providing the following services:

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