PSYCOACHING SEMINAR: Working with MOVEMBER for your mental health and for men’s health in general

Help change the face of men’s health and help the 1 million Australian men living with depression or anxiety. Let’s put the moustache back on the face of fashion and have some fun supporting a good cause. For one, prostate cancer is the biggest cause of natural death for men and is desperately in need of donations and funding. And let’s not forget – men’s health is great for women’s health!


HURRY – the time to donate is almost over!
Support men’s health by providing a direct donation or buy buying your ticket to the PSYCoaching Summer Seminar! Tickets now on sale for the PSYCoaching Summer Seminar at 50 percent of all full priced ticket sales will be donated to the MOVEMBER campaign, and 25 % per cent of all discount tickets will be donated to Movember. Get involved today!

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