How to Stay Positive During This Uncertain Time

The Coronavirus pandemic has certainly been a source of stress for everyone. Many people are at home all day long with little to do. Talk of the virus can be heard almost everywhere. The talk about COVID-19 deaths instills fear. Many startups and other businesses are facing challenges to their survival. This can make it hard to stay positive.

Staying happy and stress-free is essential to maintaining good health. How to stay positive is a big question for many people. Check below for some ways to stay stress-free and positive.

  • Limit your COVID-19 intake

Whenever you check your phone or television it seems, you see news related to Coronavirus. The more you read about this, the more disturbing it becomes. Limit your intake to this and utilise your time to do other things.

  • Understand your strengths

You are strong and you know this. You may feel hopeless many times during this pandemic but remind yourself of your strenght and resources. Tell yourself that you will get through this and you will become stronger from this.

  • Utilise your time wisely

You may have an abundance of time so try to use it effectively. Instead of scrolling social media apps and other platforms, use your time to learn something new and creative. If you have any new hobbies, explore them. Give time to yourself and be creative and productive.

  • Talk to a therapist or choose online counselling

If it’s hard to leave your house, it may suit you to talk to a therapist online. The Australian government is providing Psychology Medicare rebates and even bulk-billed psychology telehealth sessions during the COVID-19 crisis. You can get in touch with us for online therapy from anywhere in the world. We can partner with you to guide you through this tough time. Talk to us, share your problems with us and we will help you ease these concerns.

  • Get moving

Doing physical activity is great in increasing endorphins and reducing stress. Take a walk around your house, do skipping, jogging, yoga, exercise, etc. to keep your mental and physical health in good condition.

  • Reach out to people and talk to them

Even if you cannot physically go and meet your friends and relatives, hang out with them via phone or videoconference. You can still connect with them on the internet and through different social media platforms. Engage more with people and stay happy.

  • Make a plan

Chalk out a plan and follow it. Make a plan and include the activities that you want to do every day. A proper routine can keep you busy and focused. Include new things that you want to do in the plan and stick to your routine.

By doing this, you will hardly find any time to sit idle and stress yourself.

Follow these tips to stay happy and stress-free. These activities can prove a boost during this tough time. For further help, get in touch with us.