Group Therapy *Currently taking expressions of interest*

PSYCoaching is taking expressions of interest for affordable group sessions, with Medicare rebates for eligible clients at various times throughout the year.

Group therapies are therapeutically effective and cost-effective in the right circumstances. Suitability will be determined following an initial individualised assessment. Educating clients about the strategies they can use is part of the counselling process.  Many of these strategies can be taught in a group environment.  Group therapy can also help clients realise that they are not alone with their struggles. Group sessions can be partially rebated by Medicare, if you receive a referral from your GP.  This is in addition to individual counselling services.  Group therapy is not for everyone, but can be effective (and cost effective), especially when combined with individual counselling sessions.

Please submit an expression of interest if you are interested in a group program.

PSYCoaching is taking expressions of interests for group programs to commence in 2019.

For clients referred by their GP, these courses may be partially rebated by Medicare. Additionally, clients who engage in group program may receive 6-10 individual bulk-billed counselling sessions per calendar year, also rebated by Medicare (if referred by their GP).

Good Vibes: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Depression and Anxiety

8-sessions – weekly – during business hours – Surfers Paradise location – 6-10 participants

This program is designed to assist clients to understand the interactions between their mood, emotions, thoughts, behaviours and general functioning, and to develop strategies to challenge self-defeating ways of thinking and behaving. It is a skills based group program that helps individuals manage the symptoms of anxiety and depression using a range of up-to-date, best-practice, established strategies. Topics include:
-The relationship between feelings, thoughts and behaviours – -improving relationships – managing mood – sleep hygiene Managing physical sensations of anxiety; awareness of unhelpful thinking patterns and techniques to change them; exposure to situations associated with anxiety, healthy behaviours and behavioural activation.

Stay Cool – Aggression Control and Stress Management for Young Adults

8-sessions – weekly – during business hours – Surfers Paradise location – 6-10 participants

For clients referred by their GP, this course may be fully rebated by Medicare, with no GAP. Additionally, clients who engage in this program may receive 6-10 individual counselling sessions per calendar year, with NO GAP.

The effect of aggressive behaviour on young people and others in their lives can be far-reaching. This is a skills-based group program which allows young people to learn and practice the skills needed for aggression control, stress management and relapse prevention for related mental health issues. The program aims to assist young adults to better understand themselves and their emotions and improve their relationships. Topics include:
-How anger works – identifying anger triggers and behavioural strategies – identifying feelings and looking at consequences – effective communication – using self talk to manage anger.

At Your Best: Maintaining Positive Psychology, Purpose and Direction

8-sessions – weekly – during business hours – Surfers Paradise location – 6-10 participants

This program uses advanced psychological focused strategies to promote and maintain healthy mental states, focusing on fulfilment, meaning and joy in our lives.

This program  suitable for the general public – for anyone experiencing the feeling that their lives are drifting off course, longing for a stronger sense of identity or purpose, or struggling to meet their goals. This program is also suitable for those who have successfully completed a course of treatment. This program is based on the scientific study of what makes life most worth living. It focuses on moving forward in a positive manner, creating the ideal environment for rich and fulfilling positive action to take place. It is a holistic approach which looks at the present and sets goals for a successful future. Topics include:

– Generating and maintaining positive emotions – Engagement and flow in work and leisure – Goal setting – Meaning and purpose – advanced performance strategies – Achievement and Success.

  1. Shared Experiences:  A group setting enables members to relate to others’ experiences and take some comfort in the realisation that there are others experiencing similar difficulties.
  2. Relatedness It can be overwhelming for an individual to manage their difficulties alone.  Group therapy can help foster a sense of relatedness and connection to others.
  3. Support:  PSYCoaching’s group programs provide support to members by helping them realise the strengths to generate their own solutions.  The group programs are typically interspersed with individual counselling sessions to focus on applying the strengths learned in the group sessions to their individual concerns.

Group programs are not suitable for all clients. Suitability is determined during an initial assessment.
For more information, contact Richard on  0474 659 432, or email