pro-profileRichard Moore is an experienced Gold Coast psychologist and ICF accredited life coach.   Richard is particularly experienced in the areas of anxiety, depression, occupational rehabilitation, life coaching, and positive psychology.  Richard practices full time, alternating between adolescent and adult clients.

Why Psychology?

In the 1990’s Richard formally commenced a career in psychology and learned to understand, practice and critique various forms of psychological therapy. Richard believes in the importance of being an eclectic and adaptable therapist in order to understand treat a variety of problems.  Richard has spent many years coming to understand how one’s life is shaped by their past, but not limited by it. From his own experience and through extensive training, Richard learned how to recognise and build on one’s own unique strengths, how to forgive and move on, and how to foster positive unconditional self-regard for oneself and others. This is an ongoing learning journey.

Why Life Coaching?

A recurring concern that Richard saw with some therapies was a lack of  vision, direction, and structure.  After completing his undergraduate degree in psychology, Richard remained interested in providing a more fulfilling, helpful and solution-focused practice to the general public.  Richard had always aimed to combine the best of evidence-based psychology study with evidence-based positive psychology and life coaching approaches.  As part of this journey, Richard spent many years overseas gaining a fuller understanding of how different people understand and find happiness and fulfillment across cultures.


  1. Registered Psychologist
  2. Member of the Australian Psychological Society
  3. ICF Qualified Life Coach (Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors)
  4. Comcare Approved Occupational Rehabiliation Provider
  5. Approved Medicare Provider


  1. Mental Health First Aid
  2. Vocational Assessment
  3. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  4. Relationship Counselling
  5. Borderline Personality Disorder
  6. ADHD Coaching
  7. Pain Management
  8.  Anxiety management group program for children
  9. Suicide Prevention
  10. Cultural Awareness / Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Populations
  11. Coherence Therapy
  12. Group Treatment for Hoarding Disorder.
  13. LGBTIQAP+ friendly pracitce