For new clients without a GP referral, your first ONLINE coaching or counselling or coaching session is only $85. This promotion is available to clients who make payment using the system below, then book online using the online booking system.   Note that payments made below are refundable upon request (maximum 24 hours before appointment time).

Note that Medicare rebates are currently not applicable to telephone or Skype counselling.  If you do have a GP referral for Medicare sessions, accessing online or Skype counselling will allow you to save your limited Medicare rebates for future face-to-face sessions.

How it works:

  1.  Pay for your session securely via credit card / Paypal by using the cart at the bottom of the bookings page
      Alternatively, you may make a bank transfer to the following account: Richard Moore, Commonwealth Bank, BSB 062904  Account: 1044 7890 or pay securely via credit at to recipient “”

2.  Make a booking via telephone (+61) 0474-659-432 use our online booking form system here:

3. Simply call Richard on (+61) 0474659432  at the arranged time for a telephone session.

  If you wish to have a FACE-TO-FACE Skype session:

Download the latest, FREE version of Skype for your computer and set up an account in a few simple steps

  1. Use the “add people / search for friends” feature to find “PSYCoachingAustralia” and add it to your address book.
  2. Be logged in at the time of your scheduled appointment. Make sure that you have a HEADSET on and are in a private room free from distractions.


At the conclusion of our first counselling session we will discuss your future needs in terms of online counselling or possible referrals that may be needed.

If, for any reason, you miss your scheduled Skype consultation, payments are not refundable.  However, Skype appointments can be rescheduled or refunded with minimum 24 hours notice.

Optional: Get personalised support via text / email


Psycoaching is trialing a new text-based support service supplements your current treatment for a flat fee of only $20 per month.  This system allows you send a question via a secure text messaging service, and receive a brief response within 24 hours (business days only).  After your question has been answered, you are free to send another question.  There is no limit to how many questions you can send in a month.  Note that this system is not to be used for emergency advice.    Note that responses are considered general in nature as it may not be possible to consider all of your unique circumstances.

Click the phone picture above to register, after making payment of $20 on our Bookings & Payments page.  For now, please choose the “$20 session deposit.” All information is handled confidentially and is not provided to any third parties.


Why should I choose you?

Richard is one of few Registered Psychologists and Accredited Life Coaches offering online coaching, with experience in many kinds of issues.

Will I receive coaching or counselling, and what is the difference?

Generally, counselling helps you discover links between your present behaviour and your past experiences, and strategies to overcome difficulties you are facing. Coaching tends to focus on the present and look towards the future. Coaching is more goal oriented whereby we look at what needs to change in the present to assist you in moving towards your goals and vision for the future.  Whether you receive counselling or coaching depends on an initial assessment in the first session, whereby you will be interviewed to determine your needs. Prior to the initial session, you will also be sent a questionnaire. The secure online questionnaire is an extensive list of questions to help Richard get a clear sense of your relevant history, your current situation and what you are wanting from the online therapy. The questionnaire is sent securely via SSL encryption technology and stored on a secure password-protected server to ensure you of the highest level of Internet security commonly available.

Why does online counselling cost less than face-to-face counselling?

If you’ve noticed that online counselling is slightly cheaper than face-to-face counselling, this is because there are less overheads when we meet online. This is also an introductory offer in recognition of the fact that online or telephone sessions do not attract a Medicare rebate.

How secure is Skype online counselling?

Skype online counselling is very secure. Skype video and chat uses encryption technology, which is the highest form of Internet security commonly available today.

What skills do I need to be able to do Skype online counselling?

As long as you can download Skype to your computer, open an account and understand how to make and receive calls, you will be able to participate in online counselling. You need only have a very basic knowledge of computing to be able to engage in the session. If you are in crisis, please contact the 24-hour crisis counselling service in Australia called LifeLine on 131 114. I do not provide a crisis counselling service and will refer you to LifeLine or another suitable organisation if I believe I am not appropriate for you.

Is online counselling for me?

This will be answered in your first session. Keep in mind that if you are experiencing any of the following, it is unlikely that Skype online counselling is appropriate for you:

Any of these factors may indicate you have a serious mental health issue that needs to be attended to by a number of professionals. I encourage you to seek help from your GP if you are experiencing any of those symptoms.

What happens if we have technical problems with our online counselling call?

It’s true, Skype is not 100% reliable and very occasionally our session may be disrupted by a technical problem. If this happens and we are unable to restore our connection, I will ask you to telephone me to continue our session.

What hardware do I need to have to participate in online counselling?

It’s your choice whether we do a video call or just an audio call. If you want to do a video call and don’t have a built-in camera in your computer, you will need to purchase a small camera. Also, it will help the call quality if you have an audio headset. Make sure you have all the software and hardware before we have our call. I also recommend that you test drive Skype with a friend or family member if you haven’t used it before, to familiarise yourself with the system and to make sure our call goes as smoothly as possible.

How do I pay for online counselling sessions?

When you make your online booking, you will have the choice to pre-pay for the session via PayPal, or via bank transfer. PayPal is the Internet’s most trusted and used payment system available today. You don’t need an account and you can pay with your credit card.

Are you ready to create a great relationship with online relationship counselling?

If so, click on the schedule your appointment button, then fill out the secure online questionnaire.