Make an online booking for face-to-face counselling on the Gold Coast or for video or telephone counselling from anywhere in the world!

Follow these few easy steps:

Click the button below to make a booking on our bookings page OR call (+61) 0474-659-432.

Our office?  Your Laptop?  Your Phone?   The choice is yours!


Important information:

  in the drop down menu under the word “psychologist,”  ensure that “Phone and Video” is selected for a elehealth booking.  For an in-office consultation, ensure that the “in-office” location is selected. 

Note that your initial telehealth session will NOT be conducted via phone.  Initial telehealth sessions will be conducted via Zoom, which features end to end encryption.  Subsequent telehealth sessions can be condcuted via phone if you prefer.   

You will receive an email with instructions to prepare for your  video session. 


Having trouble finding a suitable time through our online booking system?  If so call us on 0474-659-432.

Having problems with the online booking? Feedback? please click here and let us know.

See the Location page for more information. Go here to check service fees.

We can’t wait to meet you.

What to expect:

Expect a warm, non-judgemental atmosphere, an initial interview, and some goal setting.  The first session is really about getting to know you and establishing goals together.  There is no lock-in contract and you are not required to come back for another session if you don’t want to.

How to prepare:

If you are comfortable doing so, please complete intake forms that we will send you.  Or if you are meeting us in the office, we will prepare them for you at your first appointment.

Important Information:

Session fees are payable at the time of consultation, by cash or card.  Medicare rebates will be processed on the spot. To claim a Medicare rebate, you must bring a GP mental health plan or referral letter to your first appointment along with your Medicare card.  If you are claiming treatment under Department of Veterans Affairs, you must bring your white card and a GP referral.  If you have exceeded 10 sessions in one calendar year, your Medicare rebate will be rejected and you will need to pay in full for the session.

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