What is Happiness?

Happiness is often associated with unrealistic materialistic achievements – for example – the iconic Hollywood impressions of life. Unrealistic and materialistic desires can motivate us toward action but can also set us up for feelings of inadequacy or even jealousy.

The pathway to happiness through the attainment of positive emotions is often temporary, and the more we achieve, the more we feel we need in order to be fulfilled. It is no surprise that we often do not reach a feeling of fulfilment.

According to positive psychology, there are two complementary pathways to authentic happiness. The first of these is the “engaged life,” which involves being fully involved in your daily life activities, relationships and work. In order to become happier through engagement, coaching can help to find out what is intrinsically rewarding for you.

The second pathway involves finding meaning and purpose via a connection to a greater cause. In other words, you can find happiness when using your personal strengths in the service of something larger than yourself (such as family, community, etc.).
In order to become happier, spend some time planning pleasurable, engaging and meaningful activities.

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