Mental Illness in the Workplace

I am currently delivering workshops on Mental Health Issues for a range of government agencies in the workplace and thought I would share with you all some interesting facts:

Did you know that mental illness can affect anyone at anytime?

Statistically, approximately 1 – in 4 adults have a diagnosable mental health condition, yet most do not seek help (and it it is my experience that many who do seek help wait until their distress is severe).  Despite this, nearly half of all senior managers in a recent Canadian survey believed that none of their workers will experience a mental health problem at work.

Did you know that people with mental health problems successfully work across the full spectrum of workplaces?

There are many examples of prominent people with successful careers who have a mental illness.

Did you know that, regardless of the clinical diagnosis, an individual’s response to their mental health problems or recurring illness will be affected by the following:

-Their level of understanding and insight

-Support from family, friends, work colleagues and their employer

-Getting the right support from mental health professionals and community organisations

Having a better understanding of mental illness, promoting good mental health in the workplace and supporting those who may be experiencing mental health problems are essential components of creating a safe and healthy workplace that benefits all workers.

Did you know that, for employers,  some of the benefits of encouraging good mental health practices can include the following:

-Increased employee retention

-Reduced loss of corporate knowledge,

-Increased productivity for all employees

-Decreased absenteeism.

A workplace that promotes good mental health and supports those affected by mental health problems or illness can achieve more through greater morale and productivity for all employees.

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